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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture at the University of Zagreb is the oldest and largest among related faculties in Croatia. Ever since its first courses were taught at the Royal School of Engineering in 1919, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture – which in 1995 added Aeronautical Engineering to the list of its study programmes – has excelled in keeping its study programmes up to date by means of a successful synthesis of general and specialized knowledge and expertise in four areas: construction, materials, production and organisation. Owing to the study programmes' structure and curricula, they are comparable to related programmes at renowned European universities, which makes the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture one of the leading technical faculties at the University of Zagreb and in the whole of Croatia.

The Faculty offers programmes at four levels: undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programmes, as well as lifelong learning. Undergraduate programmes, in the duration of 7 semesters, provide students with elementary knowledge of technology and expertise in mechanical engineering, naval architecture and aeronautical engineering. After the first two semesters, during which all students of Mechanical Engineering attend the same courses, students choose one of the following concentrations: Engineering Design, Process and Power Engineering, Production Engineering, Marine Engineering, Engineering Modelling and Computer Simulations, Computer Aided Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management, Materials Engineering, Mechatronics and Robotics.
Programmes of Naval Architecture and Aeronautical Engineering do not divide into concentrations. Upon completion of the undergraduate programme, students may enrol into a graduate programme, which takes 3 semesters to complete and provides students with knowledge and skills needed for the development and implementation of new technologies.

Some advantages of studying at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture:
- students can choose between diverse study programmes according to their preferences;
- all classes and workshops are taught in modern, well-equipped lecture halls, classrooms and laboratories; students use computers connected to a gigabit network in 11 computer rooms with approximately 200 seats, open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.;
- students receive a degree recognized everywhere in Europe.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture is situated at two locations on Ivan Lučić Street: in the north building (I. Lučića 1) and the south building (I. Lučića 5), easily reached by trams that run on Vukovarska Street. The south building also houses a modern restaurant, which is part of the Student Centre dining system.

Apart from their various professional and study related activities, the teachers and numerous student associations of the Faculty also engage in many social and sports activities, such as:
- the rowing competition between students of mechanical engineering and naval architecture from universities across Croatia (since 1993), - sailing organized by the Faculty's Nautical Club ("Sailing for a Clean Adriatic," since 2003),
- the Beer Cup (since 1951),
- the Student Rally,
- the Faculty Go-Kart Cup,
- panel discussions,
- the Student paper "i3",
- waterbike,
- student formula,
- unmanned aerial vehicle, and many others.

Upon completion of their studies, students will find that employment possibilities are numerous. It is important to note that no graduates of our Faculty have been listed as unemployed at the Croatian Employment Service over the last few years.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture

Zagreb, north building (I. Lučića 1) and south building (I. Lučića 5)
Tel: +385 1 6168 222
Fax: +385 1 6156 940