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Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science was founded in 1946, when the Science Department and its teachers were separated from the Faculty of Philosophy, where science and mathematics courses had been taught since 1876.

Today, the Faculty of Science includes 7 departments (Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Geology, Geophysics, Mathematics and Physics), 25 institutes, 7 libraries, 2 computer centres, the Seismological Service, a mareographic station, 2 meteorological stations, the Time Service and the Botanical garden.

The Faculty offers undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate study programmes, and pursues research in the fields of natural sciences and mathematics. The education of students in science and mathematics is a part of a comprehensive science education that qualifies them to work in research institutes, different branches of industry and production, the civil service (environmental protection, regional planning), public institutions (national parks, nature parks, reserves) and elsewhere, or as professors in primary, grammar and vocational schools. During the course of study special attention is given to combining teaching and research. All departments of the Faculty of Science have established excellent cooperation with numerous universities and institutes abroad. Teachers of the Faculty have been invited as visiting lecturers to European and American universities, and young staff members, as well as postgraduate students, are regularly sent to international universities and institutes for the purposes of specialisation and research.

In the academic year 2009/2010, there were 4,930 students enrolled into the Faculty's various programmes. The Faculty has 215 full professors, associate professors and assistant professors, 99 lecturers, assistants and expert assistants, 133 junior researchers, 30 technicians, and a large support staff working at the Botanical garden, the Seismological Service, the mareographic and meteorological stations, the Time Service as well as at the administration services and the Dean's Office. A number of the Faculty's professors are members of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts: 19 are full members, 13 are associate members and 2 are corresponding members.

The Faculty buildings are situated at several locations in Zagreb, but all departments are planned to move to the science campus at Horvatovac, the construction of which began in 1988. So far the buildings of the Departments of Geophysics, Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry have been completed, as well as the building shared by the Departments of Chemistry and Biology. The construction of the buildings that will house the Departments of Biology, Geology, Geography and the Dean's Office will start over the coming years.

Faculty of Science

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